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Wildtree All Natural Cooking Products, Deanna Skeels Independent Representative, Team Leader

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Wildtree 100% Natural, nutritious & delicious cooking products, containing NO high fructose corn syrup, MSG, food dyes, additives, preservatives, & peanuts, low salt & sugar. Founded by a Pharmacist to take the junk out of food, but leav

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Thanks for your interest in Wildtree All Natural Cooking Products!

I'm excited to be associated with a company that pays me to cook & have fun, and proud to be with a company so concerned with producing a quality (yet healthy AND tasty) product! Every Wildtree product is 100% ALL NATURAL, which to us means...

NO additives
NO preservatives
NO food dyes
NO irradiation
NO high fructose corn syrup

We also are proud to have NO trans fats, be LOW in salt and sugar content (if ANY), and to be 100% nut free!

Wildtree oversees all of the research & development as well as the manufacturing & delivery of all their products in-house, to assure full quality control! Wildtree's goal is to provide the best products and MY goal is to provide you with quality service, whether you choose to be a customer, a host/hostess, or a fellow consultant!

Wildtree was founded by a working mom (a Pharmacist) in New England who needed to find a way to work around dietary restrictions and food allergies of her young children.

We have roughly 200 EVERYDAY products ranging from Alfredo Sauce to Chocolate Mousse, Crockpot Stews to Rubs, Meatloaf mix, Beef Stew sauce and other great meal ideas! Plus our signature product Expeller Pressed Grapeseed cooking oils.

We are points compatible for dieters and show people how to make easy, healthy meals as well as save money on their groceries by avoiding takeout. Everyone has budgeted money for groceries, but wants to get the best value for their dollar, so our products appeal to all ages and genders and budgets! Time challenged? Culinary Challenged? Dietary restrictions? Health is a hot button and many people have food allergies and dietary restrictions. Celiac/Gluten free, nut allergies, diabetes, heart, blood pressure, ADHD and more! We can work with it all!

My personal services include:

Home tasting parties (I love giving my hosts a generous amount of FREE PRODUCT as their friends get to sample Wildtree's fabulous flavors, get quick & easy meal ideas, learn how to stretch the grocery dollar and how to de-mystify food labels! My Wildtree tastings are FUN, INFORMATIVE, and TASTY!

Fundraising! Not only can fundraising be pleasant, you can offer your supporters an important service (healthy eating) at the same time! I offer many custom programs and will tailor the perfect one for your needs!

Fairs, Expos, and Events: Looking for a Wildtree booth or table at your group's fair or festival? I do events, as do many on my team. Inventory available to sell that day! No need for your customers to place orders.

Customer Discount Club: Wildtree's Culinary Club (lifetime membership) is available for online shopping at discount. Do you want your Wildtree groceries to come to your door for less? This is the deal for you!

Virtual and Catalog Parties: Online parties available--an easy way to share Wildtree with your friends near and far!

Monthly E-newsletter: Sign up and receive monthly notices of specials, new products, discontinued items, and great recipe ideas!

Easy ordering! Shop from my personal inventory at my home for fast service with no shipping costs, or place a personal order on my website at any time and it will come right to your door!

Income opportunities: Join my team as a Wildtree Representative and get paid for eating and having fun! Wildtree is one of the fastest growing direct sales companies for full time, part time, or seasonal reps. Full time pay available for part time hours. Will train! Enjoy a great flexible job with an important purpose! Be in business FOR yourself, but not BY yourself. Could an extra $500, $1,000 or more each month make a difference? Let me help make it REAL!

Have any other ideas how I can help you? Please let me know!

Whatever role you choose--customer, host, or consultant, I welcome the opportunity to share Wildtree with you! Feel free to contact me.
Never be far from healthy eating tips and the latest Wildtree news...

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