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Theresa Hofmann, Independent Miche Representative

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Excellent customer service-great leadership quali

Polly Workinger from Illinois - 02/21/2014 21:20:09

Theresa has excellent leadership qualities and customer service. I highly r...

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Miche Bags and Jewelry-Polly Workinger Independent Miche representative-Rockford, Illinois

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James E. Mann Jr. from Yuma, Az - 12/18/2013 17:50:33

Polly represent s the Miche Bags and jewelry proudly. I tell everyone I mee...

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The Heart Link Network - Martinsburg, West Virginia - Suzanne Sukhram

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Rhonda Musser from St. Thomas, PA - 12/11/2013 19:20:52

Suzanne Sukhram and Regina Jackson are some of the best Chapter Leaders you...

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