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style your space - by Sea interior design

in Home decor, furniture, homes for sale, appliances, etc.



Through Style your space we share with you information, ideas, photos and comments from our clients. Sea interior design is the place where interior design is affordable, where we think out of the box to attain your desired space within your budget.

Contact Information

Contact Name: Sea interior design

Contact Phone: 480-265-6862

Contact E-mail: info@seainteriordesign.com


kitchen & bath design and specification~~
we will design your kitchen based on your needs, style and budget
then provide you with the materials and installation services of all or
just part of your kitchen/bath.

cabinet dealer~~
we offer a number of different lines to accommodate different areas
of your home, or different projects. we have a large variety and different
price points.

interior design~~
Sea interior design is where interior design is affordable.
we think outside the box to find solutions that you fit you, your needs,
your style and your budget.

space planning ~~
we can plan your space to make sure your space more efficient, for better
flow. we make sure when you invest in furniture, accessories and such that
it all is the right size, the right scale etc.

floor plans~~
this is for the DIY homeowners, or contractors who need help
with plans for a kitchen, a bathroom. for homeowners to apply
for permits. for decorators who need to show their clients a visual.

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style your space - by Sea interior design

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