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How to Mother Toddlers

Published: 07/28/2011 by Dawn Billings

How to Mother Toddlers

Dawn Billings, CEO & Founder of creator of the CAPABLES Parenting tool, Trova Business Directory, TROVA Women Business Directory, TROVA Business Network, The Heart Link Women’s Network and Heart to Heart Media.

Where do we learn how to mother? Positive parenting is imperative for the successful, and happy development of your children. There is higher education for everything in the world except the two things we need most, parenting and relationships.

It is a learning process for parents as well as their children. I learn every day along with my son. You must realize that as parents you will make mistakes. As long as you consistently grow and are willing to change that is the ultimate goal. Think of the prize as your child becoming a healthy happy adult.

I really took this topic to heart when I discovered some problem areas within my own parenting. This page is important to pass along advice that I learned and read myself. We have to help each other. As always if you ever need any advice or even just want to vent contact me through my contact form. I am here to help.

Successful Positive Parenting Toddlers:

* Parenting Positive Tips for 1-2 year olds

* Read to your baby daily. Keep this habit throughout their lives.
* Ask your child to point to objects, name body parts or point to letters of the alphabet.
* Matching games are great for this age.
* Children are naturally curious. Encourage him to explore new things.
* Talk, talk, talk. Develop your baby’s language by talking with her.

* Parenting Positive Tips For 2-3 year olds

* Keep reading. Reading is imperative to child development.
* Pretend. Dream. Imagine. Teach your child to dream from a very early age.
* Play follow the leader, or have parades. They are lots of fun.
* Go on adventures. Take walks.
* Ask your child their name and age often.
* Sing simple songs with your child and say simple rhymes.

Other Positive Parenting Tips:

Self Esteem

Self esteem comes from making a difference in the lives of others. Give your child many opportunities to give back. It is the greatest habit you will teach them.

Separate the Action or Behavior from the Child

Teach your child that all people make bad decisions and choices every once in a while and that it is their job to learn from their mistakes. Let your child know that you love them, but you also dislike and disapprove of some of their choices or behaviors because that is your job as a parent. Most children will test you through temper tantrums. If temper tantrums work, they will keep throwing them. If they do not work, they will stop throwing them. When you child throws a temper tantrum at home, stay calm and say, “I guess you need to practice self-control. Good. I will give you some time and space to practice. Let me know when you have succeeded at calming yourself,”

Be Consistent and Follow Through

When disciplining, Be Consistent and Follow Through If you have made an agreement that your child cannot buy candy when she gets to the store, do not give in to her pleas, tears, demands or temper tantrums. If you do, you will be encouraging many more. It is important that you live and model integrity which means, you say what you mean, and mean what you say.

You are the Mirror

This is important. Your children will mirror what you do. You are the model. Be careful what you do and say around your children. Behave the way you want your child to behave. “Do as I say, and not as I do” is not a positive, effective parenting strategy. Be a great example for your children.

It is up to you what kind of children you raise. You are the mother. Parents in general, but mother’s in particular have enormous influence on how their children look at, and respond to the world and others. Want to be a great mother? Visit: www.getCAPABLES.com

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How to Mother Toddlers