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Best Personal Trainer Mesa AZ

Published: 07/28/2011 by Dawn Billings

Best Personal Trainer in Mesa, AZ

by Dawn Billings, CEO and Founder of The Heart Link Women’s Network, TROVA Business Network, TROVA Business Directory, and Find-Success.CO

I am closing in on 60, or I guess a better way to put this, is that 60 is closing in on me. I don’t feel old, well again, I guess a better way to put that is that I don’t feel almost 60. Inside, I still feel 30, but I was recognizing that on the outside, my body was behaving like 30 anymore. My husband is 70 and neither of us were in the best shape of our lives.

I was really worried since my husband had a heart bypass two and a half years ago and since then has not been pushing himself. Those by passes can scare the “pajeebees” (pa jee bees) out of you. I knew I wanted and needed to do something, but you know how you keep promising yourself, tomorrow I am going to take care of that. Well several tomorrows came and went and neither of us were getting any younger, healthier, or stronger, so I went on a quest to find the “best personal trainer in Mesa, Arizona”. My husband and I bought a home and moved to Mesa to live out our golden years. The problem was, they weren’t feeling that golden.

When you go on a quest to find the best personal trainer in Mesa, Arizona, it didn’t sound that difficult, but this is a much more difficult endeavor than I had imagined. We wanted and needed a trainer that not only really understood how to train, but more importantly, how to train a person that was getting older with specific health needs.

I interviewed many trainers at many training facilities. There are some nice facilities and nice trainers, but one trainer and his staff stood out among the rest.His name is Larry and he and his staff, Michelle train out of Anytime Fitness at 2028 North Gilbert Road, Suite 108 in Mesa Arizona. After our interview began, I learned that Larry is not only a professionally certified trainer, but he is also a trained nurse. Larry’s staff are sensational trainers as well. I immediately felt so comfortable with Michelle. She and Larry know exactly what needs to be done to help you feel strong and vibrant once again. Larry thoroughly evaluated my husband and I and then set us on a directed path of wellness. Also, I must confess, Larry and his staff’s training rates are very reasonable, but their work ethic, dependability and professionalism are first class.

I realize that most of Larry’s clients are much younger, but Larry and his staff do not treat like we are old. They make us give our all when we work out and I must say, my husband and I feel better than we have in years. Well, not while we are working out, then we are actually pleading for mercy, but afterwards we are really happy to have such quality people who care about our health, strength and longevity.

If you would like to meet the best personal trainer in Mesa, Arizona please feel free to call Larry at 480-580-7740. Tell him Dawn sent you and that you want to come in see how lovely the place is and discover what Larry and his team can do for you too.

Enjoy getting stronger. Dawn Billings

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Best Personal Trainer Mesa AZ

Best Personal Trainer Mesa AZ